15 Things Only Partners of Scuba Divers Will Understand

15 Things Only Partners of Scuba Divers Will Understand

15 Things Only Partners of Scuba Divers Will Understand


Headless Horseman. Well not quite – but if you have ever been scared senseless by your partners wet or dry suit impersonating a headless house of horror type character, then you know what I mean.



Masked Ball. I can almost bet my life that unless you live with a scuba diver, you will never have come home to find your partner chopping onions wearing a mask and snorkel. (I know you’re going to try it next time!)

Who was that masked man



Tropical Vacations. It’s a tough old life being a non-diving partner and getting dragged to tropical destinations to while away your time on the beach.



Rum For Your Life Collection by Getting Nauti


Equipment Room. In other people’s houses, this room is referred to as the bathroom.  In your house, it always has the vague aroma of neoprene and at least one bit of dive gear hanging to dry at all times.  After your partner has been diving it will be very difficult to get into the room, never mind bathe.


Black Rubber. No, not the sexy kind. Black O-rings, they are everywhere and in all the nooks and crannies of the car and transferred to the washing machine via unemptied pockets.


Finding Nemo. Not only have you lost count of how many times you have been made to watch the film you’re pretty sure you’ve absorbed enough marine life trivia to point out the real-world inaccuracies.

Nemo Found


Excess Baggage. Scuba divers do not travel light, and if you have ever flown with one, you will have learned this by bitter experience. Not only have they stuffed their bags to bursting they will have commandeered any and all possible space in your luggage too. Double the pain if your aquatic-loving-lover happens to travel with an underwater camera too.

Excess Luggage


Suspension. You’re sure there was a time that your partner's car had it, but after repeated dive trips overloaded with tanks and weight belts, it’s a distant memory.


 USA Diver Collection

USA Diver Collection by Getting Nauti


Window Shopping. Scuba divers are renowned gadget lickers. They love to paw and stroke and can spend hours wandering around a dive show gazing loving at all the trinkets on display while never actually buying a thing. As a partner, you will likely subject yourself to this tedium at least once.


Commando. Underwear always seems optional to scuba divers. Maybe because there’s so much excitement to get into the water that it’s only when it comes to stripping off at the end that they realize they’ve forgotten dry underwear – yet again. Either that or they just can’t be bothered – who can say?


Saltiness. Whether it’s their post dive kiss, ocean styled hair, or water stained clothes there’s always something a little salty going on….

Sterling Silver Shark Ring by Getting Nauti

Sterling Silver Shark Ring by Getting Natui


Alternative lifestyle. Apart from using a mask as an onion-chopping-eye-protector, there will be other alternative uses of dive gear that have become so acceptable that they don’t raise an eyebrow. Dive weights used as paperweights or doorstops are commonly found in the home of a scuba diver along with a myriad of uses for decommissioned scuba tanks.

 Alternate uses of SCUBA gear


Documentary. You will never get control of the remote if there is anything vaguely ocean or marine life related on the box and you know the Blue Planet series so well that you know what’s coming next.


Sterling Silver Anchor Pendant with Gold Plating


Old Bag. Having once made the mistake of returning from shopping with plastic bags in tow and being given ‘the lecture’ you are now more likely to leave the shop with your purchases precariously balanced in your arms that attract the wrath of the lurking eco-warrior.


Dry Land. Scuba divers, like mermaids, suffer if their vitamin sea levels are not regularly topped up and you know it’s key to a harmonious relationship to ensure you don’t keep them away from it for too long.  Don’t try and change them, their connection with the ocean cannot be broken.

Need Saltwater


Did We Miss Anything? Let us know if there is anything YOU would add to this list!

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