So just what the heck is Getting Nauti all about, anyway?  Hey, we're glad you asked (really)!

Getting Nauti started in the living room of our old house in Lincoln, Nebraska. Lincoln, Nebraska?  Yep.  

How exactly does a business focusing on nautical related products start in a landlocked place like Lincoln?  Well, because we have a passion for the water, of course.  Just because we had to drive 12 hours to get to the nearest beach didn't mean we didn't love going...and just because there wasn't an ocean out the back door for us to sail in doesn't mean we weren't passionate about it.

We set out to create designs that capture the emotion, beauty, and fun of our favorite pastimes.  From diving a reef to riding a wave, from chillin' on a beach to landing a mahi mahi we strive to show our passion for the water.

OK, but why the name "Getting Nauti"?  Because it's a fun play on words that can cover anything from boating to surfing and everything in between.  All right so, if you want to be TECHNICAL, "nautical" really refers to things relating to sailors, ships, or navigation...but for US it means anything to do with the water.  Plus we have an irreverent sense of humor (and we hope you do, too)!


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