12 Amazing Dive Gizmos You Are Gonna Want!

12 Amazing Dive Gizmos You Are Gonna Want!

You all know a diver that loves gizmos, there’s one on every boat no matter where you dive or how big that boat is. It might even be you. Here are 12 bits of gear that might just make you reach for the credit card.


1) Bubble Ring Shooter

Ok, now this is my absolute favorite.  (Ashley take note for my birthday). You cannot be without one of these – how did I not know about this before?  A device that shoots bubble rings! The possibilities are endless. Underwater ring toss anyone? Tag, capture the flag, paintball? Seriously, it can be used for communication of poor visibility or communication with the surface, but I doubt anyone has purchased this with that in mind, maybe only as a justification.

Bubble Ring Shooter



2) Personal Locator Device

From the fun to the serious. The incidence of divers lost at sea is low, but it does happen. You’ve heard the tales. Is it worth the risk when the cost a device that enables you to make both non-emergency contact via VHF, send out a verbal distress call, or transmit a digital Mayday signal with exact co-ordinates now costs less that what you probably spent on your regulator? Let’s face it, they both keep you alive!



3) Vindicator Tank Valve Handle

Have trouble with left and right? On and off? Open and close? Or know someone who does? You know the one, forever asking you to open their tank valve after they’ve hoisted it onto their back and are ready to splash in. Or maybe you are just starting to dive with your kids. Whatever the reason you might need it, this tank valve handle offers visual confirmation that the valve is open. It can be fitted onto virtually any tank and quite frankly costs nothing when it saves you anything from embarrassment to a situation more dangerous.


4) GoPro Mask Mount

GoPro’s are great, but they are small and surprisingly easy to lose or drop which makes this little gadget perfect. It will fit onto most double lens masks. It’s easy to use, lightweight, and low volume. Using the mount leaves your hands free for that all-important bubble ring shooter.


5) USA Diver Hoodie

Because I can’t make a post like this without a shameless plug! Your GettingNauti.com hoodie might not be the most hi-tech of dive gear, but it will keep you warm and yet still cool. There’s so many to choose from.


6) Kit Drying Hanger

This hanger is no ordinary hanger. This one dries your gear via its inbuilt waterproof fan. Drying your gear quicker means less odors and most suits dry in hours. The hangers can support 100lbs and are operated by mains power and comes with a nice long cord for ease of use. There’s even an option for a car charger too.


7) BCD Reflector Kit

This nifty little idea allows you to be seen better both at night time and during the day.  Two pieces of highly reflective material make up this kit. One circular piece attaches to your BCDs dump valve, and the other attaches to your low-pressure inflator spiral hose.  Costing less than your guides tip, it’s well worth it and will bedazzle your BCD with style.


8) Headband

Now I know this doesn’t seem important, but those of you with impressive bangs know otherwise. Keeping your hair out of your mask seal is a battle, try clearing it with gloves on! There is a headband, aptly named Bang Wrangler, which will put an end to your struggle once and for all. It’s made from silicone, catches all and stays in place.


9) Hair De-tangler

Again, you’re only going to see the reason for this ingeniousness if you have lovely long tresses and have tried any form of water sports.(Sadly, I have no use for this fine product...Ashley, on the other hand, had fantastic hair.) Your hair ends up in a tangled mess, so knotted that you just wanna cry. Enter the DanglerDtangler, this doesn’t de-tangle, it stops the tangle by wrapping your hair like a sausage in a neoprene secured by a rubber backing.


10) Boat Coat

Are you one of those divers who is just cold no matter what? Then this is just for you. The boat coat is like a wearable sleeping bag with a hood, water and windproof on the outside and lined with microfleece to make you as snug as the proverbial bug. There’s even a Shark Savers version; it’s the same, just branded and some of your cash goes to Shark Savers



11) Getting Nauti Coffee Mug

Ok, maybe two shameless plugs but the mug that you choose to drink your morning cuppa from should set you up for the day as much as the drink itself.  What does your mug say about you?



12) Rinse Kit

Yes, this is a shower in a box that uses pressure only; no pumping or batteries required. It holds 2 gallons of water and showers for around 3-4 minutes. It’s easy to use and is marketed as a ‘hose to go’ so has quite a few applications beyond rinsing after diving – incase you need a justification to purchase.


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Thanks for the love for the Bang Wrangler!!! It is, indeed, a lifesaver for those of us who have had to battle those stray hairs in the mask.

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